Total price due by time of picking up the puppy

Following the announcement of a litter, all deposits will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Before puppies are born, we usually except three females, three males, and two general deposits per litter. Puppies will be chosen in the order that all deposits were received beginning around the time that the eyes are beginning to open around two weeks old. Before the litter is born, deposits are $500.00 for Labradors and $500.00 for Doodles. All deposits increase once the litter is born to $400.00 for Labradors and $600.00 for Doodles. If for whatever reason puppies are not produced, deposits paid before to the litter’s birth are entirely refundable or transferred to the following litter. Deposits made after the litter is born will be non-refundable. For deposits we accept PayPal, cash or check via mail. When picking up your puppy you can finish paying via cash at the time you arrive to pick up your puppy or PayPal the day ahead of pick up.

When the litter is ready to go home at eight weeks old, if you are unable to pick up your puppy at that time, we will let you come later and charge you a kennel cost of $100.00 per week, which will include but not be limited to feeding, training, socialisation, further vet visits, and vaccinations for your dog. If this scenario occurs, you will need to pay for the puppy in full as well as one week’s worth of kennel fees by the time the dog is eight weeks old.

*If you are going to place a deposit, please contact us first so that we can make sure that a puppy is still available that you are looking at purchasing.*

Delivery and Pickup

We place a strong emphasis on picking up pups independently at Lakes Country Labs & Doodles. We would be more than pleased to provide you with shelter, any toys, and puppy starter foods right away.

What comes with your puppy?